Disability Services & Flexible Home Care

Are you a primary carer for someone with a long term disability?

Who is Eligible

When you need a break or someone to step into your shoes for a while, you can rely on us. We offer accredited, quality, individual care within the home or local community.


Together, we can plan care on a flexible basis to relieve stress within the family setting. We can help you gain access to other appropriate support within the community.


Individuals, or the families of people with moderate, severe or profound disabilities aged up to 65 years, referred to us by The Department of Health.

HCC is fully funded by Disability Services QLD allowing us to provide our flexible home care free of charge. However, if an activity does attract a cost, the Service Coordinator will inform you.

Basic Learning

The aim of the program is to engage with younger clients who access our service and work towards achieving their identified goals.

Group Program Learning & Life Skills

Basic Life Skills



Name (Spelling)


Arts & Crafts

Identification (colours, shapes, sizes and textures)




Tidying Up

Personal Hygiene

Personal Safety

Socially Appropriate skills and behaviour

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