Supporting and promoting participation in everyday life for people under 65 years of age who have a disability or condition which restricts the activities of daily living.

Who is Eligible?

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Accessing HCC Services

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We Can't Help With

People under 65 years of age or 50 and under who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.


We can also offer support to carers of the above group.

  • Cost: HCC charges a small fee for each service
  • A fee schedule
  • HCC grievance process

You can call us directly or anyone with your consent can refer you to us - family, friends, carers or health professionals. Or you can call Community Access Point on 1800 600 300 to check your eligibility.


Our services are designed to meet the social, health and lifestyle needs of you or your loved one.

Domestic Assistance

Personal Care

Social Support

Meal Delivery

Centre Based Social Activities

Home Maintenance (lawn mowing, changing tap washers, light bulbs etc)


Appointments - Dr's, Hairdressers etc

Refer to Support/Counselling





Accommodation Services (Re-housing & Supported Accommodation)

Direct Treatment for Acute Illness

Rehabilitative Services

Specialist Palliative Care

Under 65 Community Care Program

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